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Expert advice on choosing a Dyslexic School

Before you begin, you need a current (less than 2 years old) chartered educational psychologist’s report with a clear diagnosis of the dyslexia plus any other SEN conditions. The vast majority of UK private schools will not consider an admission before they know the specific needs they are being asked to provide care for. Many schools will even refuse to accept a school visit without that diagnosis. You can find many ed psychs on the database of the British Psychological Society’s website. If you are enquiring from overseas then we can arrange for you to have an assessment done by a UK Chartered Educational Psychologist either in London or nearby.

Please note that here at Education Advisers we only deal with independent (= private = fee paying = non maintained ) schools. For State (= maintained = free) schools you need to ask your Local Education Authority)

You can look at our dyslexic school search engine, but it is inevitable that many parents become confused partly because there are not nearly as many as you might expect and you may still feel dismayed by the lack of choice. Firstly, in the specialist sector, there may not be a school near enough to your home for your child to attend on a daily basis. Secondly some mainstream schools are reluctant to publicise or explain which SEN conditions they will consider. Thirdly, if you are international parent (from outside of the EU / EEA and need a boarding school, you should know that you need a school capable of issuing a CAS letter for you to obtain a visa. Most schools do not publicise whether or not they are licensed to issue the CAS letters required by UKVI to issue a visa.

We have a team of 7 very experienced consultants, who try to get to know all of the significant SEN schools, so that we can advise parents of the best fit for their child. We start by profiling the child, gathering all relevant school and ed psych reports and then listening to parent’ concerns and requirements.  Our advice is always impartial. Typically, we will try to get between 3 to 6 offers of places at a mixture of specialist and mainstream schools, such that the parent has a choice from different ranges of schools. Where possible we also try to arrange a taster day at target schools to ensure your child is comfortable in joining his / her new environment.

Contact us on +44 (0) 1622 813870 or fill in an enquiry form and you can have a free initial consultation before deciding if you need our full fee paid consultancy service.