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dyslexicschools.co.uk can offer advertising opportunities to Independent Schools and Sixth Form Colleges, or to companies supplying relevant services to the colleges, parents or students viewing this website. Such promotional opportunities can extend to other Education Advisers websites such as www.best-schools.co.uk, dyslexicschools.co.uk can carry text and picture promotions.

All independent schools and sixth form colleges offering the IB are eligible for free inclusion in the list of UK schools / colleges which appear in our search engine. However, these do not include emails and hyperlinks, which are standard in Impact Promotion

The Impact Promotion includes:

Banner on www.dyslexicschools.co.uk on home page and selected other pages of site

Intelligent Banner appearing in priority position on search page, every time someone searches on that location

Banner carries logo and strapline of your choice

Feature page. Approx 400 word feature, plus school picture

Your school/college is elevated to priority listing above non paying colleges

Hyperlinks straight to your website