Expert Advice

Our bespoke advisory service is carried out by 4 very experienced consultants led by Les Webb and Michael Fanya. We pride ourselves on impartial advice. We deal with ALL UK private schools. We do NOT advise on State schools.

Most consultations start with a free consultation up to 30 minutes to discuss your requirements and outline the placement process. You will need a current Educational Psychologist’s assessment (within last year). If you don’t have one, it can be arranged in the next stage. Note – we do not recommend specific schools as part of the free consultation

In the second phase, we will give you specific recommendations, check vacancies and set up school appointments with Heads and their SENCOs. The comprehensive placement service is subject to consultancy fees which we will decide after the free consultation.  You need to complete as much background information as possible on the enquiry form and press “submit”. Just sending this form does not commit you to paying fees. Consultations take place by phone, skype or in person at our offices in Kent and Surrey.

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