Find an Ed Psych

The abbreviation Ed Psych stands for Educational Psychologist and you will commonly hear a school ask for “an Ed Psych report” before they will consider an admission. If your child is currently at a state school experiencing learning difficulties, then it’s quite possible they may arrange for a psychologist to do an assessment. (LEAs employ the greatest number of Ed Psychs) There is nothing to be afraid of with such an assessment – it’s just a series of reasoning tests combined with interviews.

However, from your point of view, if you are looking at private education, LEAs can be quite unhelpful (because they generally don’t want to pay for private schools) Therefore you may be better off with an independent Ed Psych. It’s ESSENTIAL that you choose a “Chartered” Education Psychologist belonging to the British Psychological Society. The only exception would be a recognised Clinician who was an authority on the designated disability. We regret to say that there are some plausible sounding Ed Psychs out there who do not know what they are doing and some have even been debarred by the BPS. The other factor is to check that the CEP specialises in children of the age range of your child (ren). Some of them specialise in adult assessments.

Private Schools will normally expect an assessment done within the last 3 years and preferably within one year to be absolutely current. Things change so quickly in a child’s development, don’t be put off obtaining a new report, even with the cost.

We can usually recommend a reliable chartered educational psychologist, but this is only done for fee paying clients as part of the advice process.