Effective Treatment for Visual Dyslexia at the
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We are constantly approached by frustrated parents who cannot get adequate learning support at school for their dyslexic children. This is all the more amazing when you consider that more than 4% of the UK population are dyslexic. Many dyslexics suffer from visual dyslexia where their eyes do not effectively process written words in a manner which the brain can absorb. At last there is a treatment and methodology which can vastly improve this process. What’s more, it’s quick, effective, inexpensive and takes as few as 10 sessions – so, what have you got to lose by trying it?

The Alison Lawson Centre is based in Yeovil, Somerset. The methodology has been imported from Australia where Alison Lawson, a qualified Orthoptist devised a treatment which is now tried and tested over 25 years. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, an “Orthoptist” works with an eye care team and specialises in amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (squint). Over many years, Alison devised a treatment to correct the eye disabilities of dyslexics impaired by visual dyslexia and it is now carried out in 10 centres in Australia.

The Alison Lawson System has now been brought to the UK by Jo Shedden, herself the mother of dyslexic children.

Initial Assessment
An initial assessment is carried out to establish which eye should be treated and that the treatment is appropriate for your needs.

Ten Treatment Sessions
The treatment sessions are spent completing reading, writing, spelling & comprehension & other exercises tailored to the patients requirements. These are completed wearing a special combination of lenses and over a machine with a revolving disc.

Homework for Sessions 1-9
Homework usually takes approximately 1-2 hours for the first 4 days and 1 hour for the remaining 5. The first 4 days are longer as you are required to wear a special pair of glasses for 1 hour each day, in addition to your daily homework. Written homework consists of remedial work that augment the treatment, working on memory, spelling, comprehension, maths and handwriting skills.

Eye Exercise Kit
Eye exercises, to strengthen convergence and muscles are to be carried out throughout the day and increase in difficulty over the 10 sessions.

We usually recommend treatment to be taken in two consecutive weeks, as once treatment has started it should be taken in one go. However we are also able to offer 5 or 10 week programs as well.

It is not a cure for dyslexia but in most cases it produces a transformation in reading ability. Read some of our success stories on our website

Living with dyslexia can be tough.  Your confidence is low, you feel you are failing, you are frustrated and people don’t understand how you feel. You might be told you are just lazy, or not trying hard enough. We hear over and over again from clients as to how exasperated & distressed they feel and we are rewarded again and again when they finish the Alison Lawson program and tell us of their new found confidence, their ability to handle situations and win awards that they could not before.  Our desire is the same for you to experience the same!

We welcome contact from parents and schools.

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